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Gearbox complete


Gearbox (105001)

Reconditioned gearbox.

1981 onwards, an exchange item. We either take a deposit 105002 and send the reconditioned unit, then we refund the deposit on the receipt of your old gearbox. Alternatively you send us your gearbox first then we send the rebuilt unit.

pre 1981, we offer a bespoke service to repair pre 1981 gearboxes. We can quote for this once we have received your gearbox and stripped for inspection. This may mean your machine is off the road for a little longer, but due to the age of these machines, we can no longer offer an off the shelf service.

Price is based on the casing, end cover and gears are being in reusable condition. We may have to surcharge if any of these items are damaged.

Price: £432.00
Ex VAT: £360.00
In stock